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Access Bar Healing

access bar healing

Access Bars are the 32 points on the head which store the electromagnetic component of your feelings, thoughts, emotions, ideas, beliefs, and point of view that you have stored from any lifetime. The brain waves actually slow down when you get your bars run allowing these "implants" which you have been running since childhood to be accessed. The main purpose of a bar session is to clear those points and to encourage people for the same. Like magic, it is not about what you do but it is about changing the energy of how you are functioning in life which enables change to show up with great ease.

During an access bar session, the practitioner lightly holds the specific points on your head, which when touched dissipate the electromagnetic component of feelings, thoughts, and emotions. For many people, it is a new experience when they actually allow themselves to receive without consideration and obligation. It is an amazingly nurturing and relaxing procedure, undoing limitation in all the aspects of your life that you are inclined to change. The session takes place in a safe and relaxed environment. One session of access bar healing can change your life for the better and if you choose to have the bars run at the regular intervals you will feel upkeep of mind and energized body.