Lama Fera Healing


For hundreds of years, it is an energetic healing system practised mainly by the Tibetan Lamas. Its' true life has given us a lot, mainly because of "Material Blessings". But somehow in this process, we acquire number of problems that affects our well-being. Lama Fera refers to Sadguru and Fera means healing technique. This technique usually removes the negative energies, spirits, evil eye of the person and offices, factories, shop etc. It is like "deleting old files from the hard disk of a system" and making enough space for memory. It is aimed to infuse positive thoughts and increase vital energies of the body.

Lama Fera work wonders when it comes to being in peaceful state of the body. There are number of factors which increase the spiritual abilities, relives pain and discomfort caused by chronic disease, overcome, fear and anxiety. It is all about connecting to your higher self before rather than connecting to the outer world.

Conditions and Effects:

  • Elimination of pain, fear, nervousness, and the discomfort caused due to chronic disease

  • Balancing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy

  • Freedom from unknown fear, pessimism, anxiety, phobias

  • Helps in improving memory and concentration

  • Enhancing the will power

  • Suffering caused by emotional traumas

  • Making active, alert, self-confidence, inner peace

So, it can be a great healing technique for number of people not able to get rid of stumbling blocks in life.